Mrs. Mary Packer Cummings, born January 20, 1839, was the daughter of Asa Packer and Sarah Minerva Blakslee Packer.  Asa Packer was the builder of the Lehigh Valley Railroad, founder of Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, and a resident of Mauch Chunk, PA.

On November 9, 1906, Mary Packer Cummings wrote to the Rev. A. B. Putnam, Rector at St. Mark’s, Mauch Chunk, PA: “Herewith is a check to be placed to credit of Lehighton Building Fund Account, for use in completing that property and in furnishing the Church and Sunday School Building. Should there be a balance when work is completed, I desire it be invested for the benefit of the ‘Lehighton Work,’ Yours very truly, “signed Mary Packer Cummings.

And so, Mrs. Mary Packer Cummings provided the church, rectory, and a clergyman to carry on the work of Christ’s Kingdom on earth. This woman was so well known for her kind and charitable works and Christian life that when she dies on October 29, 1912, the towns of Mauch Chunk and East Mauch Chunk passes resolutions that “the 3rd Thursday of May each year is to be a holiday, to be known as Mary Packer Cummings Day.”